Real-Time AV1 (in #WebRTC) is now Production ready!

After the release of the Codec Spec in march 2018 (“frozen bitstream” and reference decoder), the next step qs to show that AV1 could be used in production. The decoder had to be made fast enough on commodity hardware, hardware vendor had to integrate AV1 support in their chips, for the base profile. Then advanced profiles (SVC, …) and modes (lossless, Real-Time) would deliver. For the work on real-time and SVC modes, a specific subgroup was created to continued the work beyond just the codec Spec. Integration with the Real-Time-Protocol (i.e. writing an AV1 RTP Payload specification), and usage of SVC in conjunction with Media Servers (RTP Header extensions, …) needed to happen. On Halloween 2018, CoSMo demo’ed live the first AV1 RTP integration in WebRTC. It did not support SVC and was not Real-Time. On June 26 2019, Cisco demonstrated live from New York the first Real-Time AV1 RTP Integration in WebRTC, through a modified version of their flagship product: webex. It denotes a new step in the evolution of AV1, one that happens 12 months earlier than anybody thought it would.

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