KITE 2.0 – The best WebRTC testing engine now with more free content

WebRTC testing through KITE is getting more and more popular. As we updated the cosmo website, KITE is also receiving a lot of new features in this 2.0 release. Still the only end-to-end testing and load testing on the market that can be run on-premises, and to support web apps (desktop browsers and mobile browsers) as well as native apps, KITE has been leading the market from the clients application support, and price, points of view, but was still slightly being in term of usability. It was an expert tool made for experts. This new release add many free features, as well as many new commercial options for automated load testing on top of your own AWS account, for minimum cost.

We are moving on to the new KITE 2.0, which is organised quite differently from KITE 1.0. Instead of having all the modules in the same GitHub repository, they are now split based on wether the source code is close or open source and depending on who is owning the copyright. It allows us to open-source more of CoSMo’s IP without mixing with Google IP or waiting for them, while having a module mechanism that will allow to fetch automatically the needed modules. All open source modules are released under the very permissive Apache 2.0 license for all to enjoy.

KITE Engine (public)
This is the open-source KITE engine. It will be updated soon, once we will have checked all the scripts and updated the documentation.
License: Apache 2.0
Copyright: Google Inc
Todo: update doc, test, push results to, automate the setup (including the new allure-based reports)

KITE Extras (public)
This module contains code that was developed by CoSMo itself independantly. Other modules can depend on it. The module is made available via Github releases: It will be automatically downloaded and installed when compiling the KITE Engine, the sample or some private tests.
License: Apache 2.0
Copyright: CoSMo Software 
Todo: update doc, including generated javadoc

KITE Sample Tests (public)
This repository contains the open-source KITE sample tests. For example, KITE-Janus-Test, KITE-Mediasoup-Test and KITE-Simulcast-Test (medooze) used during the latest IETF 104 Hackathon.
License: Apache 2.0

Copyright: CoSMo Software
Todo: update doc, test

We continue to believe in better testing for WebRTC and continue evolving the KITE solution. Do not hesitate to read more about the interoperability solutions and tools

as well as about the cheapest unlimited load testing around

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