Analysis – WebRTC in Asia Pacific – 2016 Q4

Q4 is always very intense in terms of webrtc meetings in Asia. This year was perhaps even more intense than last year ([1]), with three meet-ups and krankyGeek that sneaked in the usual agenda. Here is a short overview of all those events and their implication.

Short analysis

Globally all the meetings illustrated a maturation of the market / audience, apart from China. Even the Seoul Meetup, in its first edition, gathered a knowledgeable audience, and was providing very deep analysis and advanced demos.

More interestingly, Asia is catching up in terms of technology but is still pretty untouched a market. Local interest in rising, and a lot of business opportunities are present for those who will be ready to adapt to local culture and market, and set up even a limited presence there.

List of events

Illustration of WebRTC Market Emergence in Asia

Slide from Google – Presented by J. Uberti @ webrtc meetup post Google I/O 2016. Google searches of “WebRTC” per country. China, S. Korea, Taiwan, India all in the top.


number of patents

USA 644
EU 82
Japan 65
Korea 63
China 42

Number of webrtc patents per country, 2016, showing the weight of Asia. Source available on demand (in Korean)

Full Analysis and Conclusion

From those informations only, it is already clear that the next wave of WebRTC Innovation and disruption, as well as the next customers, are in Asia.

For a full report on all events, and corresponding analysis to plan your growth strategy in Asia, you can contact me here.


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