JANUS webRTC media and application server

My attending W3C TPAC in Lisbon, portugal, this week signs the end of my european webrtc teams tour. This post will be the first one reflecting the meetings I had. Janus has always been an interesting project. Technically, the fact that it is written in C and very small makes it one of the best server for IoT (kurento or jitsi would be less suited). Its plug-in/extention architecture,  not only keep it even leaner, but also allows to very easily build different types of media server (MCU, SFU, …) or app server (SIP Gateway, …). The IETF leveraging them to replace webex for their meetings (thousands of attendees each) and slack for their infrastructure, not only validated their product but also the market, and business viability. The danger of course is to be ONLY influenced by what I read, or people I consult for, which admittedly is too small a subset to draw any reasonable conclusion from. So I decided to hear from them.

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