Updated WebRTC support scores


What’s new?

This is a simple update of the score card I had made before. It uses the exact same tests and version of adapter.js. It now includes an OS column, and add the scores for Edge. It also makes it clear that only the Media Capture and Streams Specification is being tested against (a.k.a getUserMedia, MediaStreams, and MediaStreamTracks), and not the WebRTC 1.0 yet.

Two reasons for that. First, you need to start somewhere 🙂 Then, the Media Capture and Streams Specification has reached Last call and is thus more stable than WebRTC 1.0. Finally, you need to have a mediaStream(Track) before you can test a peer connection in most cases, so it makes sense to start there.

One can see that Edge is the browser that supports the specification the best by default. You can also see that safari nightly starts supporting webRTC, which is good news (even though, not a surprise if you read my blog regularly).

What’s Next?

Web Platform Tests

I’m working on extending the official W3C web-platform test suite to support more of the Media Capture and Streams specification (navigator.mediaDevices.*) , and the latest version of the specs (editor version of feb. 22, 2016). One can look at the Pull Request here. Expect to see more tests, and better tests next week.

I am also going through the effort of revisiting all the tests and communicating with the browser vendors to report corresponding problems. We should see the score of each browser improving in the next browser releases. 

More browsers versions

Developer and nightly versions of the browser will be added in the next score reports, within a week or two. By the end of July, the entire testing process, across browsers, browsers revisions and OSes, should be automated.

More Browsers

Since current version of safari does not support the permission prompt, safari nightly cannot support it. Safari nightly reuse the installed safari front-end while replacing internal libraries. The best way to test safari nightly for webrtc support is to use what is called the “mini-browser”. I’m working with Apple to add the permission prompt to the mini-browser and run the tests there, while waiting for the next version of Safari. That should take some time.

I am also patching Adapter,js to recognize Safari nicely and shim it correctly. Right now, safari is recognized as chrome (they both have a webkit prefix). You can see the ongoing effort here. This should be done within a couple of weeks.

I’m looking at the webkitGTK+ browser on linux, and bowser, and checking if there is any way to add them to the list.

More Specs

Go through the webrtc tests the same way I went through the Media Capture and Streams tests, clean, update, complement. As soon as the Media Capture and Streams tests reach a good enough level of spec coverage. Hoping the WebRTC 1.0 specs reach stability by then. 😉 ETA: April/May.

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