WebRTC 1.0 Finally!

For me, the most interesting part is of course the feeling that we are getting there: webRTC 1.0 specs are quasi final. Everybody agrees on what needs to be done, everybody agrees on how, only a few minors points are left to be validated by other working groups, without those decision delaying webRTC 1.0. The groups will now focus on pushing this through the standard process, and prepare webrtc NV.

That means that soon you will be finally able to build webrtc 1.0 application without the fear of things changing under you when chrome or firefox updates.

That means that soon, those who were holding on to adopt webrtc because of instability and lack of standard (it was technically a draft so far) should start implementing.

It is very interesting to see the evolution of the webRTC API from a high-level peer-to-peer API whose use case was a 1:1 audio+video call (as implemented in appRTC then), to a more complex but much more powerful Object Model API that would give those who need them finer grained controls. While some will complain that there are now two ways to do things, many will enjoy the capacity to start with an easy API and only dig in the detail if you really need to.

I captured the essential of this evolution, and the latest from the standards in a powerpoint that I put only. It’s far from complete, and if you want a more detailed version, or need some help on the standards and the practicality of webrtc (stacks and browsers implementations, plugins, testing, …) you can reach me through the contact page.

And the Japanese Version thanks to our Friends at NTT Communications.


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One thought on “WebRTC 1.0 Finally!

  1. Thank you, Dr. Alex, for these insights into WebRTC.
    Very interesting to follow the high-level, as well as the technical side, of everything WebRTC.

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