I. Packaged webrtc

All those package have been tested using google unit tests and should be dependable. If you find any mistake, contact me.

Below are some tested, precompiled libraries, starting with stable version of reference (sync with chrome).

1. Revision 88a4298 (r8038, Jan 11, 2015)
[Before threading model change]

This section is here for historical reasons only and will disappear soon.

win mac linux
  32 64 32 64 32 64
Release  DL     DL    

2. Chrome Stable (44)

The windows build are not passing all the tests yet (as of wed aug 12). I will upload them once they are validated. Stay tuned. For mac and linux, only the 64b packages are uploaded for now, and it will stay this way unless I get a request for 32b.

win mac linux
  32 64 32 64 32 64
Debug        DL    DL 
Release        DL   DL

3. Chrome Beta

4. Chrome Dev (Nightly build)

A quick package for Win64 with shared Libs.

II. Applications / Tools (SOON)


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