WebRTC Media Servers

Back in 2013, I did a full review, including benchmarks, of all the open source webRTC media servers. Defining use cases and corresponding tests and benchmarks was hard, and while I was happy with the results, which I presented a couple of times in conferences, the results are now grossly outdated. A year and a half ago, I tried to trigger a gathering of all the actors, as they all belong to IETF. It is very difficult for a potential user to know which project to use, and answers on the webrtc-discuss mailing list were confusing at best. We needed something more descriptive, easier to understand. I got traction from most of the players, but couldn’t make it happen. This year, hopefully, things will be different.

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Singapore Company Health Indicators

This post will provide you with a simple way, backed up by governmental statistics, to see if a medium-sized Singaporean company is doing well, or not.

This post has been written based on exchanges and research with some of my ex-colleagues from the Manpower Research & Statistics Department, Ministry of Manpower and the Cross-disciplinary data-intensive Analytics group (CDA Group) of the Institute for High-Performance Computing (IHPC), part of the Agency for Science Technology And Research (A*STAR).

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