#WebRTC RockStars Asian Tour – Winter 2017

This is winter again and The IETF is coming to Asia. For this very special 100Th edition of the IETF, Singapore is going to be the Host.

Starting November 11th, Internet Technology experts will be in town to define the future of the Internet, the foundation of the Web.

As we told the local enthusiasts last year at JSConf.asia, this is a great and rare opportunity, and we, being based in Singapore, wanted most of the local to benefit from this as much as possible.

Sunday November 12th, 1:45pm, there will be a free tutorial to webrtc By Dan Burnett and Myself. State of the standard, state of the implementation in all browsers will be presented.

On Wednesday 15th at night, PayPal and SingaporeJS were nice enough to sponsor the webrtc rockstar event with In addition to the two above usual suspects, Lorenzo Miniero, the founder and chairman of Meetecho which provides the open source Janus media server, and Jordan Baucke, CTO of Evasyst an e-gaming state-up for Irvine California

Only lorenzo really is a rockstar (you can tell by his style and his power walk), and he was kind enough to prepare a logo for us.

Eventually, the rockstar tour will have two more asian dates:

We will be in gangnam district, Seoul on Friday 17th,

and in shibuya district, Tokyo, on monday 20th,

both the latest dates will be with another webrtc Rockstar: Kranky from KrankyGeek!! He will join us on stage to present the latest about Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence applied to Real-Time-Communication! 

All of those events are free, and good opportunity to mingle and get to know each other as well as to learn from the seniors. Do not hesitate to send all of your team members (even wearing your company t-shirts) to enjoy with us like the Temasys Chairman did last time. The more the merrier.

See you all Soon around.

Dr. Alex, from San Francisco, W3C Technical Plenary Meeting.

Safari Technical Preview 33 – The most WebRTC-Compliant Browser out there?

Since the announcement of WebRTC in safari, a lot of blog posts, webinars, and meet-up have surfaced. That was not a surprise for anyone reallyI have been writing about webrtc in webkit and Safari for years now, so I was in no hurry, and waited untill the noise level went down. While people where quickly to point the (perceived) mistakes and missing pieces, I do not think anybody has done a real overall comparison between existing browsers see, overall, which was most webrtc-compliance, i.e. future proof. This post is trying to address this.

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WebRTC Status Update 2017 Q2

It’s been a long time there hadn’t been any communication about any WebRTC roadmap, so it is understandable than when Mr. Huib, the new WebRTC PM at Google, made a formal announcement on discuss-webrtc mailing list, followed-up by a tweet from Tech Lead Justin Uberti, everybody went curious. Unfortunately, a lot of what has been written about those announcements and tweet is … inaccurate. Very recently I was given the opportunity to speak at the Sydney’s WebRTC meet up and mingle with people from snapchat, tokbox, dolby, CoViu,  ….. I thought it would be a good opportunity to write down things I know (and I can speak about) with respect to the status of WebRTC and what’s to come.

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