Unusual from the very beginning, I am a french guy that always liked to speak foreign languages. It might be due in part to being born in a house where we spoke occitan (catalan) and not french.

Part of that entire lost French generation that was raised watching Japanese Animation on TV and playing Japanese video Games, I eventually lived the dream and spent several years in Japan, culminating with a Ph.D. done in part at the prestigious KEIO university, with a merit scholarship From the Japanese Government (and another one from the French government). From there on, moving back to France was not making a lot of sense. After a few years in china, and a few errands in the US of A, I went back to Asia and I’m now based in Singapore, the little red dot on the map between Malaysia and Indonesia.

In A first life, I was curing cancer and having fun with discrete geometry (citations) in open source toolkits (contributions). My two most recent PhDs are now enjoying postdoc positions at Harvard Medical School and The Pasteur institute, respectively.

More recently, I have been digging into the awesome-ness of webRTC and have been having a lot of fun while doing it.

  •  3 WebRTC Conference and Expo Industrial Awards (2013~2014)
  • WebRTC Pioneer Award (2014)
  • Co-Leader of the Webrtc-in-Webkit Project with Ericsson R&D (2015)
  • W3C Invited Expert, WebRTC working Group (2015)
  • IETF Member, RTCWeb Working Group (2012)
  • IMTC Individual Participant, WebRTC Interoperability Activity Group (2015)
  • Invited Technical Speaker at Conferences across the world (since 2012)

This blog is here to try to make the decision process of webRTC as a standard more understandable, and to cover in depth some part of the implementations which I think are still too hard for people to really start using the technology themselves without depending on a vendor.

Along the road I made some enemies (you’re only successful when you have haters), and a lot of friends.

Johann Steinbrecher, Cisco Spark Team.
Just finished a 2 days #webRTC session with @DanielCBurnett and @agouaillard. It was such a joy!

Yoshimasa Iwase, NTT Communications – Skyway’s Software Engineer
Again, Great Article, Looking forward to see the discussion at IETF/TPAC.

Silvia Pfeiffer, co-editor of the HTML5 specification, NICTA Data61
Great to get your update from recent WebRTC standards activities and the Kranky geek Event.

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Wireless: Thought-leading wireless industry analysis
If you’re interested in #webrtc you should be reading @agouaillard blog at webrtcbydralex.com. Good insight into the tech & the politics.

Andy Hutton, co-chair of the WebRTC Interoperability Activity Group @IMTC
Looking for facts, history, and stats on Microsoft’s #webrtc #ORTC work then @agouaillard blog is where to look.

18+ Top webrtc names to follow on twitter.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dr Alex,

    In the middle of 2019, can you comment on Agora vs Twilio if I have to pick a Webrtc PaaS vendor to develop my web app? Here are some of my requirements:
    1. Focusing on 1:1 private video conferencing in a foreseeable future;
    2. want pure browser based solution to easy my app adoption (right now, zoom/bluejeans requires app downloading on mobile devices)

    Thanks for comments and guidance

    1. Hi sean, I think that as you do not require any specific feature only one of those vendors would provide, you can go with either one.

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