Teradek products upgraded to support Fastest Real-Time Streaming platform MilliCast

Thanks to a collaborative work between Millicast and Teradek engineering teams, Teradek products have now best in class support of the MilliCast.com platform. This shows the dedication of Teradek to position themselves as the best provider for live and real-time encoders, and MilliCast to extend their support of capture devices and Hardware encoders.

The official Teradek 8.2.11 firmware update which came out last week let happy owner of  600 or 700 series encoders stream directly to Millicast and enjoy all the reach and the features of the fastest real-time streaming platform on the public internet.

The Sputnik version which supports this update was just released this week. Users of dedicated Sputnik servers should update to version 2.15.0 to get support:

The On Demand Sputnik servers are automatically updated when a customer powers on their unit and has the “On-Demand” region selected.

Teradek becomes the first RTMP encoder to be fully certified for the millicast platform. They join Bird-Dog.tv suite of products to provide an engaging, interactive experience together with the real time media platform millicast.

It would be much better to support webrtc directly from the encoder hardware, unfortunately, it is still a little bit difficult in practice. To that extent the WHIP protocol has been proposed for adoption to the IETF and will be discussed in a few of weeks. Stay tuned. That would allow all hardware vendors to implement an interoperable simplified version of webrtc once and for all. In the mean time, MilliCast is working with hardware vendors to help them connect to the MilliCast platform. If you are not yet involved in our Certification Program, drop us an email at hello [@] millicast.com

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