#Webrtc Codec vs Media Engines: Implementation Status and why you should care.

Which codec, and which flavours of codecs are supported by which browsers. This is a tricky question for every product manager that wants to define product expectations and roadmap. Should I support only VP8 / H264 ? Should I wait for VP9? What is multi-stream, simulcast, and SVC versions of those codecs? Beyond all those questions really is: when can I tell my customers I support Desktops browsers, Android, iOS? If I can’t should I have a native app instead. This blog post aims at putting everything back in perspective.

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Living the #WebRTC start-up CEO dream.

I used to be very entertained by stories given by different webrtc consultants. The “Cat roulette” example by L. Barr last year during a conference in Miami was exhilarating. I was thinking: those guys have all the fun!

What people don’t tell you when you go into that business is the wide variety of clients you end-up facing. Now that I am on the other side of the fence, the grass is not exactly greener. In an effort to give people a glance of how hard it can be sometimes, and to keep my mental sanity by letting it out, I’m writing a post about the horror stories we’ve faced so far, or, to put it in ¬†amore diplomatic way: about the inherent bias clients can have about our perceived value, or WebRTC perceived value.

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