A new #WebRTC implementation is OUT!

As announced to a happy few at webengine hackfest last month, Centricular just released a brand new implementation of WebRTC on top of GStreamer. For those who do not know Centricular, it s a small company specialising in Media and GStreamer. They were part of the OpenWebRTC Team, under contract by Ericsson, and also part of the webrtc in webkit project.

After the presentation of webrtc in webkit by Igalia and Apple,

after the work on webdriver and the announcement of STP 41 with new testing options,

this is again an information I became first aware of at the Web Engine Hackfest.

The original authors requested that it stays under embargo, however exciting the news was, untill the GStreamer conference, which was today.

So here you go, an additional webrtc stack is available. You can see the official annoucement there:

and for those who can’t wait to read the official blog post to test it, some demos are accessible here: https://github.com/centricular/gstwebrtc-demos/

You will need some expertise in GStreamer build process, particularly on how to compile against “bad gst plugins”,  but nothing that someone who master the intricacies of depot_tools and libwebrtc couldn’t handle 😉

happy hacking.


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