First public presentation of #webrtc in webkit

The cat is now out of the bag: youenn fablet is going to present part of its WebRTC effort, actually WebRTC in webkit, during a public presentation! For some happy few, this was known and prepared for some time now, and some readers of this blog and Korean WebRTC group member were looking forward to it. 

It was quite ironic to see many positioning themselves as safari experts in the meantime. As Obama said to the British: “you’re hearing a lot about the privileged relation you have with the U.S.A. and what will happen after the BrExit, but would you like to know what the president of the U.S.A. thinks about it?”. 

Now that you have heard seminars and read blog posts from people that have never contributed a single line of code to webkit, or worse, what about you join us at the next meet up in San Francisco, and learn what webkit and safari developers think directly. It is important enough for them to show up.

The meet up is on Tuesday 17th, at Mozilla HQ in SF. There will also be additional talks from Mozilla experts on the latest webrtc implementations, and debugging, and representation from the founder and co-lead of the webrtc-in-webkit project.

To manage expectations, do not expect a lot of answer on questions that are not related to the open source webkit project. Apple internals, Safari, codecs (VP8, I know), roadmap and ETA, are usually things they do not and cannot comment on. Also, what existing blog post have listed under webrtc features (output device enumeration, screen sharing, …..), are actually part of different specification documents, some like screen sharing even being far being in terms a maturity. The philosophy at Apple has always been to implement specs that are done or about to, so do not expect anything else for now, and until this is stable. Voila. That should take 75% of the questions out of the table already, sorry.

Written Live from Google’s WebRTC team office in Stockholm where we prepare some next generation of improvements for all WebRTC users to enjoy.


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