War for webrtc talent?

In the small world of innovative software industry (Bay Area Fever), VC money is not hard to come by. There is a lot of money around, a LOT! Around 23% of all the VC money in USA (47+ billions) went to SF companies last year.

The value is not so much associated to the capital, but on the competence of the people that are going to take that capital and make it worth a multiple of it’s original financial value. Capital has a value the day you get it, competence of the team has a value for the future of the company.

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WebRTC 1.0 Finally!

For me, the most interesting part is of course the feeling that we are getting there: webRTC 1.0 specs are quasi final. Everybody agrees on what needs to be done, everybody agrees on how, only a few minors points are left to be validated by other working groups, without those decision delaying webRTC 1.0. The groups will now focus on pushing this through the standard process, and prepare webrtc NV.

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