Serious WebRTC Heat in Asia This month.


Most of the WebRTC action takes place in USA. Meet ups, development, big events, funding, all point to the US of A with a couple of companies fighting to make it happen further north (hi to my friends at hookflash, priologic, …). Most recently the excellent IIT’s Real-Time conference organized simultaneously with tad hack mini put the center of gravity of the webRTC ecosystem in Chicago. 

Regularly, the center of attention of the webrtc community shift to Europe, usually London, or the annual december webrtc conference in Paris.

More rarely is Asia the center of interest, despite the effort of silvia pfeiffer and other webrtc enthusiasts in Sydney, or the tenacity of  the Japanese webrtc hackers in Tokyo, each maintaining their own webRTC meetup. 

Just like an eclipse (and almost as rare), a great collision between standard bodies’ meeting location rotation rule, meet up dates, and Big commercial event sponsors interests is required to make Asia the center of interest. Guess what, this is the month of the great eclipse!


1931273_44091252631_7974_nAll my Japanese friends are excited, for almost two weeks non stop, Japan will be the WebRTC happening place:

  • On October 23rd, for the 18th edition of their HTML5 study meeting, techbuzz japan will focus on the latest version of JS (ES6) and webrtc for real time communication (In Japanese).
  • The last week of October (26~30), the W3C TPAC meeting, the most important W3C meeting of the year, will take place in Sapporo, Japan. Half price for the new attendee that will attend the IETF meeting the following week! It should finally give birth to the most awaited webrtc 1.0 specs during the dedicated webrtc sessions of october 29th and 30th, which, with a little bit of luck, could include simulcast. (in english, mostly)
  • The first day, there will be a W3C dev meet up in sapporo (october 26th) (here)
  • The original tokyo webrtc meetup #10 on october 29th (In Japanese) HAS BEEN REPLACED by the november 4th event.
  • After a week end spent to recover from the intense discussion, abstract APIs, and abuse of sushi (or spent enjoying crazy Japanese halloween parties), the 94th IETF meeting will take place in Yokohama, Japan. A lot of goodness as usual for a packed week, with the rtcweb group sessions on the 3rd and the 5th. (In english, mostly).
  • Co-located with IETF, but open to all, On the 4th, a special event will take place where english speakers will present to the local devs. Google will present its roadmap (an encore of the cranky geek show presentation), Citrix will provide feedback on their webRTC usage, and more. (In english with Japanese translators) (here).


388907_292525327458331_109931954_nMy Chinese friends are even more excited as for the first time the WebRTC Conference and info is going to BeiJing on November 10 and 11! More business oriented than the previous version, with a specific chinese-speaking track and a webrtc university track (run by the usual dan and alan, co-authors of the reference webrtc book, used in courses at US universities, the most webrtc-knowledgeable couple in the industry).

The conference will take place in the HaiDan district (electronic component shopping, anyone?), more specifically at ZhongGuanCun, which not only is the silicon valley of BeiJing (top 1 and top 2 universities of china + Oracle, Google, …… centers), but is also a few blocks away from the main Korea town / student area of WuDaoKou  with all the nice cheap restaurants, karaoke and clubs. Get your foreign food fix at Lush while watching the crossing, and get down two floors to get into one of the main Beijing club (Only in BeiJing can a club be named “propaganda”). If the life scene is not for you, you are a couple of bucks away in taxi from the Summer Palace which is also a must seen, during the day. 


My Singaporean Friends are ecstatic, as is coming back to Singapore this year (November 19th and 20th), with a multitude of side parties and events, and great speakers, all visible under the Dev Fest Asiastretching the web devs party from November 12th to 22nd. Beyond Thomas gorissen, the organizer (and consultant for himself, many other webRTC/webaudio talks are popping through the agenda like the one from mozilla’s Paul Adenot. More about the speakers on the event blog.

Pick your event, and come join the party, webrtc heat is hitting asia this month.

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